The Child Sponsorship Program began when a young college graduate, wanted to be the first to sponsor a child from St. Catherine of Siena Nursery School.  This generous act of kindness and love encouraged others to do the same.  50 students have received the gift of education, through their sponsors, for the 2017 school year.  Sponsoring a child not only allows them the opportunity to learn in a loving environment, but gives them hope for a brighter future.

2018 Child Sponsorship Program Opened

The 2018 Sponsorship Program will be opened November 2017 - January 15, 2018.  By sponsoring a child, you will be allowing a needy child to discover the wonders of learning at St. Catherine's School.  You will relieve the parents from the burden of paying the school fees and provide a child with a new school uniform.   There are two levels of sponsorship available: 


Pre-primary Student

$120.00/year (includes uniform)


Primary Student

$145.00/year (includes uniform)

If interested in this program, please let us know!  or, Send a check to St. Catherine of Siena, 2503 Centerville Road, Wilmington, DE 19808 by January 15, 2018.   

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