Shipping 101

I've made some wonderful contacts over these last few years and Sarah was one of them.  She coordinated the shipping of the "Making Their Dream Come True" barrel for St. Catherine's Nursery School, along with another one filled with items for Immaculate Heart of Mary Church also in Anaka.  My sister, Loretta, and I traveled 2hrs to Newark, New Jersey meeting Sarah at a warehouse.   She receives items to be sent to Uganda and stores them in the warehouse until a container is full.  Once full, the container is loaded on a barge which travels across the Atlantic, around the Cape of Africa, up the Indian Ocean and delivered to the port in Mombasa, Kenya.  After inspection, the barrels will be trucked from Kenya to Kampala, the capital of Uganda.  Their journey should last  3 to 4 months and Fr. James will be contacted once they arrive.  Keep checking the blog for the update.

Mary GispertComment