The Children of St. Catherine's Send Their Greetings

On February 10th Fr. James visited the school and enjoyed spending time with the children, they  send their greetings to all!

As you can see the school is not yet completed, but the parents are so eager for their children to begin learning.  

education is the only way we can change our society
— Fr. James Okello

What adorable children, the first students of St. Catherine's Nursery School!  Can't wait for the day I can return and see them in their new school.

It's official!  I want to share with you the Admission Letter of St. Catherine's of Siena Nursery School.  A far cry from what we need to supply for our kids here in the United States, but the parents responsibility all the same.  The U.S. dollar equivalent is approximately $75.00/year for a child.  Some of you may wonder what posho is, this a meal made from corn and served as a porridge for the student's lunch.  

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