Can Children Make a Difference in the Lives of the Poor?

Religious Education Students and their Teachers at St. Catherine of Siena Church in Wilmington, Delaware have shown that children can make a difference in the lives of the poor.  

Four years ago, the children attending classes for religious education became aware of people living in Africa.  They were simply asked if they would be able to make contributions during Lent which would help the poor.  This simple request touched their hearts and their contributions traveled 7,000 miles to a very remote part of Uganda.  Goats and chickens were bought and given to families to help with their basic needs of life.  It doesn't seem like much to give a chicken or goat to someone, but for the people in Africa they are very valuable.  Raising animals, such as these, enables families to buy food, medicine and pay school fees for their children.

It was decided, after careful consideration by Fr. James Okello, that a piggery would better serve the community.  Pigs produce many more offspring which would enable more people to be helped.  The money collected from the children in 2015 was enough to begin St. Catherine of Siena Piggery Project. Twelve piglets were purchased and we are awaiting to see their fruits in early summer.   

Kudos! to these wonderful children, their families and teachers.  You are making a big difference in the lives of many!!!

Mary Gispert1 Comment